Robert P. Pilgrim

Robert P. Pilgrim serves as a Administrative Data Manager and reports directly to Dr. Jim Rankin, Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development (U of A). Dr. Pilgrim is working to help improve data and reporting structure within the University and has been lead on several innovative projects both for public and private access on campus, including the creation of our University’s “Research Analytics” site, which contains numerous reports and interactive dashboards for awards, proposals and publications data.

Dr. Pilgrim has also been responsible for the development of the Faculty Activity Tool (FAcT), which is currently being evaluated by members of campus. FAcT provides university administrators with a tool to help evaluate faculty, department and college level research productivity and contribution to campus. He has also been responsible for numerous other data products mainly serving the universities Research Deans, the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Prior to this position Dr. Pilgrim served as a data analyst for the National Office for Research and Evaluation Systems (NORMES), which was a successful soft funded research unit within the College of Education at the U of A. NORMES created numerous school performance reports including those for the nationally mandated No Child Left Behind Act for the state of Arkansas.

Dr. Pilgrim holds a B.Sc. in Astrophysics and a Ph.D. in Space and Planetary Science. His research thesis was entitled “Design and Evaluation of a Fiber Optic Probe as a means of Subsurface Planetary Exploration” which was funded by NASA’s Planetary Instrumentation Definition and Development Program (PIDDP, NNH06ZDA001N) for $0.4 million.