Arkansas Applied Research & Innovation Agreements


Investing in research that improves our world is a top priority at the University of Arkansas and part of our continued commitment to innovation and discovery. Industry partnerships allow university researchers to advance technology and solve real-world problems while providing industry leaders access to U of A research facilities, findings and experts.

In an effort to turn discovery into development of new technologies, the U of A offers three research agreement options that provide certainty and flexibility to industry partners through all stages of research and development.

Jim Rankin
Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development

Three agreements,
Maximum flexibility

Research agreements are designed to clarify ownership of any intellectual property resulting from sponsored research and streamline the contracting process for collaborative research efforts at the U of A.

The University has added a new option for an agreement where the sponsor may negotiate upfront the right to future Intellectual Property (IP) developed through industry sponsored research. The traditional Sponsored Research Agreements (SRA) and Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA) continue to be viable options as well, as the three agreements offer specific elements to fit different collaborative needs.

IP Upfront Investigate, Create
(sponsored research agreement, IP strongly anticipated, exclusivity)
  • Confidential research project
  • Sponsor pays fee to retain right to IP exclusivity
  • Publication and dissemination controlled
  • No additional negotiations after initial agreement
SRA Interpret, Investigate
(sponsored research agreement, IP may be created, non-exclusivity)
  • Research project
  • If IP is created, sponsor has first rights to adopt
  • Publication and dissemination are anticipated
TAA Test, Analyze
(technical assistance agreement, service, no IP anticipated)
  • User fee paid for UA facilities and expertise
  • Sponsor has no rights to IP