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University of Arkansas System-owned Registration of Unmanned Aerial Systems

  Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

The use of UAS (often referred to as “drones”) in research and to teach concepts is a growing field. The University of Arkansas System is responsible for the safe operation of system-owned UAS or any equipment used to complete system missions. In addition, each UAS must meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulatory requirements. The registration of any UAS starts the process to gain approval to operate. It is important to note that starting the process only ensures the UAS and the purpose is being evaluated to ensure all operations are safe and incompliance with all FAA, other federal, state, local and system policies. No operations may commence until receiving approval from the system. Operation outside of these approval procedures may involve substantial civil or criminal penalties.


Use this form to register University of Arkansas System-owned Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). This form is used to request authorization for sanctioned research or other uses of University of Arkansas System equipment. Registration does not imply approval of any UAS to operate. This form only starts the process for a UAS to be added to the University of Arkansas System Certificate of Authorization of Part 333 exemption.

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